5 best serums and straightners for nails you must have


If you frequently wear gels, acrylics, or even just nail polish, your nails may be showing signs of wear and need for some TLC. The results can sometimes be worth it, even though it may seem strange to put down the bottle and go bare for a week or so—especially if you're also consistently feeding your nails with the best nail strengthener you have on hand.

Nothing is worse than investing time and money in elaborate nail art or a new manicure, only to have one of your nails break or split. Weak nails are a common occurrence that can be caused by everyday wear and tear, nutrient deficiencies, or injury from nail treatments like gel, shellac, acrylics, and more. Additionally, all of us have attempted to perform our own nail services, and our natural nails suffered as a result of our amateurish buffing, filing, and countless acetone soaks for do-it-yourself removals.

Fortunately, the answer is as easy to implement as a single product swipe. "Nail strengthening products and serums are mostly used to provide an additional layer of protection to already stiffened nails and to promote their growth,"

Here are top five serums and straightners to get healthy nails:

1.      Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum

A quick-acting nail treatment for brittle, split, and damaged nails is the Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum. Your nails are shielded from breakage and encouraged to flourish with this salon-grade treatment. It contains Sally Hansen's exclusive soy protein compound, which supports nail growth and strength. Keratin, collagen, and multivitamins work together to restore the damaged nail bed and encourage cuticle restoration. This can be used either alone or as a base layer over nail paint because it doesn't contain any synthetic colours.

Collagen, soy protein, sucrose, vitamins C and E, and amino acids for keratin are essential ingredients.


1.       Fast-absorbing

2.       Organic

3.       Simple application 


1.       Maybe leaving behind a residue

2.       Lil bit expensive


2.      Beauty Garde Rocket Nail Fuel

Rocket Nail Fuel is a safe and natural nail and cuticle conditioning treatment enriched with garlic and horsetail extracts. In just a few applications, this serum strengthens, heals, and nurtures severely damaged and brittle nails while also encouraging growth. Horsetail extract and garlic extract are important ingredients.


1.       No harmful additives

2.       Clear finish

3.       Vegan

4.       Use as a base coat

5.       Simple to use

6.       Convenient to use


1.       Removes fast


3.      Cel Stem Cell Nail Formula

A potent cuticle oil and nail-enhancer, Cel MD's Nail Serum is available online. Within just two weeks, damaged nails are strengthened, protected, and healed with premium natural ingredients. It can be used every day without causing irritation because it is formulated for sensitive skin. The ginseng, safflower, chrysanthemum, and gardenia ingredients in this nail serum-cuticle oil hydrate the cuticles, battle toenail and fingernail fungus, and encourage the formation of stronger, healthier nails.

Ginseng stem cells, safflower extract, bisabolol, and gardenia extract are the main ingredients.


1.       Easy to use

2.       Vegan 

3.       Hypoallergenic 

4.       Gentle

5.       No residue


1.       Nail flaking out

2.       Expensive


4.      ISDIN Si-Nails Nail Strengthener

A thoroughly tested, transparent nail growth serum created especially for fragile nails is the ISDIN Si-Nails Nail Strengthener. The product hydrates the cuticles and strengthens the nail by boosting its thickness, density, and resilience. The growth, structural reliability, and flexibility of the nails are all enhanced by the formula's silicon and keratin infusion.

Silanediol salicylate, mastic gum, and hyaluronic acid are the main ingredients.


1.       Fast-absorbing

2.       Non-existent finish

3.       Easy-to-use applicator

4.       Expands readily

5.       Comfortable

6.       Fragrance free


1.       Expensive



5.      O Onsen Secret Cuticle Conditioner Serum

Onsen's exclusive Hot Spring Minerals combination, wakame, and goji berry extracts are added to their opulent Cuticle Conditioner Serum. It promotes quicker nail growth by deeply penetrating the cuticle bed and having a higher concentration of natural minerals. Fingernails are shielded from infection and pollution by vitamin E, an effective antioxidant. A healthy, nourished nail bed that promotes healthy nail development is produced after a few applications of this conditioning nail serum.


Key Ingredients: Wakame, Vitamin E, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Infusion of Minerals from Onsen Hot Springs.




1.       Non-greasy

2.       Quickly obsorbing

3.       Precise applicator nozzle.

4.       Stain-free formulation

5.       Aroma free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free

6.       Skin-friendly